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People Are Our Business

About our Staff



I think that where I differentiate myself is that I have a very in-depth knowledge of the industry and a network of contacts built up across the last twenty five years. Over the years I have experienced most things either directly or indirectly fully understanding the challenges of leaving a secure corporate role transitioning to a self-employed adviser and also undertaking a career change. These experiences allow me to provide a friendly ear and a little life experience. I challenge convention and I look at providing the most appropriate solutions, I am also a realist if I cannot help you or I believe your expectations are incorrect or unachievable I will tell you, politely of course.

I am a keen advocate of technology and I am fully armed with the most up to the minute solutions to resource the best candidates, I also have a phone and extol the age-old art of using it.

Outside of work, I am a committed family man who enjoys spending time with family and friends. We live in rural North Shropshire and enjoy walking the dogs, attending farmers markets, cooking and entertaining.  I have an interest in football from grass routes upwards and a desire to get back out on the fairways after having a seven-year sabbatical. 

I put the ideas thought up by James, Rachael, and myself into unique advertisements and posts for the company's social media pages, using my interests in Music, TV, and Film. The theming of these posts, therefore, ranges from current TV series such as Better Call Saul (converted into Better Call FIMS) and Netflix's hit show Stranger Things (which was then turned into Stranger FIMS).

Outside of working for the FIMS Consultancy, I am in college with the end goal of qualifying as an electrician, one day hoping to possibly even have my own business in the field. I also have a part-time job in a local hotel/pub where I work in front of the house as a waiter and carry out bar work. My interests include listening to music, going on walks, and watching films. 





I research current topics of interest, which are then converted into social media posts. I also proofread everything put out by FIMS on all social media platforms.

Outside of work I enjoy walking the dogs, cooking, taking care of my family, cross-stitching and reading.


Think about the type of people you like to deal with

Genuinely personable ?
Incredibly reliable & responsive ?
Respectfully challenging ?
Highly knowledgeable & articulate ?

James ticks these boxes, but is not a tick box kind of guy.
He looks to do business in the right way, by getting to really know people, so he can demonstrate where he can help them and also be honest where he can't.
It's easy to recommend James as someone to work with. It's also easy to recommend James as someone to have a beer with !

I have found James to be well connected, professional , honest and trustworthy, wealth of knowledge and very pleasant individual.

James is a breath of fresh air. Recruiters are notorious for obvious reasons, and most struggle to get past their initial approach with me due to insincerity. James effortlessly bucks this trend and is not only a pleasure to deal with, but operates with true empathy and genuine interest in doing right by people.

James spent valuable time getting to know my needs and motivations, before he even proposed a role. During this time he openly shared experience, spoke candidly, and earned my trust -- which is a stand out achievement.

I am grateful to James for making the introductions he has and commend him for a job well done.


James is that "Rare" breed of consultant. The type of consultant that takes time to find out about you as an individual. What the candidates aspirations and career goals are? What makes them tick, what sort of organisation / environment they would like to work in. James goes the extra mile for his candidates, and is always available. If you are looking for a consultant that genuinely goes the extra mile, who isn't just transactional led, then I would suggest you make contact with James and work with him on your career path.

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