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About The FIMS Consultancy


The FIMS Consultancy is borne from a vision to revolutionise financial services recruitment and financial advice through a personalised, consultative approach. Our genesis, rooted in personal experience within the financial advisory sector, has resulted in a candidate-centric approach to financial advisor careers and recruitment.

Our journey commenced in the dynamic world of financial services, transitioning from an advisory role at a prestigious firm to embracing the challenges and opportunities of self-employment. This transition was not just a career shift but a deep dive into the essence of financial planning opportunities and wealth management careers, eventually leading us to a significant revelation: the potential to innovate within the financial services recruitment and financial consultant recruitment landscape.

As we evolved, so did our focus, gravitating towards the niche yet vibrant sector of local and regional financial practices. Here, we discovered a wealth of untapped potential in advisor jobs, certified financial planner positions, and senior financial advisor positions. Our mission became clear: to fill the gap in the financial services job market by providing unparalleled recruitment services, from entry-level financial advisor jobs to the recruitment of independent financial advisors in the upper echelons.

With over thirty years of industry insight, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the financial career opportunities and challenges that professionals face. This knowledge enables us to offer bespoke solutions in financial advisor job opportunities and wealth management advisory services, leveraging the latest technology and traditional headhunting techniques to source the best talent. Whether it's hiring financial advisors or navigating the complexities of financial services industry recruitment, our aim is to be a trusted partner, offering affordable, flexible, and intuitive recruitment services.

Our commitment extends beyond professional services. As an integral part of the North Shropshire community, we embody the values of family, integrity, and a passion for making a meaningful impact in the lives of those we work with. Whether it's through supporting career transitions within the financial services consulting jobs sector or advocating for growth and development in financial advisory roles, The FIMS Consultancy is dedicated to excellence.

In essence, The FIMS Consultancy is not just a recruitment firm; it's a cornerstone for those seeking to navigate the financial services and advisory landscape, offering a gateway to a world of opportunities in financial planning, wealth management, and beyond.

Why choose our services

Our process

Our obligation

We provide a comprehensive and cost effective recruitment solution tailored to our clients exacting standards.

We take each assignment upon its individual merits and charge accordingly.

We take a detailed company and job specification, followed by a market appraisal. Once that is complete we will discuss our findings and formulate a recruitment solution.

Our obligation is to treat clients and candidates as equals with a high level of professionalism. We demonstrate integrity and discretion in all our dealings.

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