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Josie Gammell = Financial Services Coach 

James is that fantastic combination of extensive knowledge, authority earned through experience, shrewd judgment and good humour. He doesn't feel the need to tell you all he knows, instead - and far more valuably - he listens and then extropolates from what you're saying where he thinks you ought best to go and why, and who you should talk to. A consummate networker, a trustworthy adviser, an innovative thinker and a generous colleague. You would be fortunate to work with him

Senior Partner - Financial Advisory Company


I have found James to be well connected, professional, honest and trustworthy, possesses a wealth of knowledge and a very pleasant individual.

Managing Director - FPFS - Chartered Financial Advisory Practice

James has not only worked for me in regards to helping me make a move to being self-employed 3 years ago but has now also supported me by helping to recruit some extremely valuable staff to support me in my business. I feel that James is thorough, very straight-talking and has everyone’s best interests at heart when he helps to recruit people. His fees always come second which shows in the amount of repeat work he gets. He knows the industry well and has even acted like a business coach for me at times which has helped massively in me growing my business year on year.

Brijesh Patel Independent Financial Adviser Lloyd O'Sullivan


James has been nothing but fantastic in my search for a new role. He is one of those recruiters who actually listens to what you are looking for in your next move and offered me some expert advice. Would highly recommend James for any financial advisors looking for that next career move.

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David Hunt

Independent Financial Advisor


James is a little different to other recruitment consultants. BUT WHAT A DIFFERENCE....
He as placed me in several roles over the last 10 years including my current position . Each time, they have been matched very closely to my needs rather than the scattergun ' send me a cv and I'll see what I can do ' approach of his peers.
Simply a non pressure quality and effective service. 
Give him the opportunity, you won't regret it.

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